Black Friday & Cyber Monday - The Conscious Way

by Tsvetan Kanev November 23, 2020

Black Friday & Cyber Monday - The Conscious Way

It’s that time of year again. The mindless mental shopping spree week. Only this time slightly unusual.

In the spirit of the 2020 unusualness our Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) campaign will also take an unusual turn. We offer all our customers completely free, a hundred percent off, unlimited discount of all of our products for the week of BFCM (23rd November – 1st December).





Oh, I forgot to mention. We are also closing the store for that period of time.

closed for BFCM

Ecotseco will close the online store for the week of BFCM and will encourage all of our visitors and customers to find something at home that needs to be repaired and do that instead of buying one item of your BFCM shopping list. This could be old furniture, clothing, electronics, toys, an old bicycle or whatever there is you can fix.

If you say you don’t know how to fix things, with the risk to blow your mind, I will tell you a little secret that will change that:






2020 and YouTube has thought most of us how to cook. Well, surely it can teach us how to fix things too. As a bonus you will:

  • Get a sense of accomplishment
  • Save some cash
  • Learn a new skill
  • Teach someone else a new skill
  • Reduce your waste
  • Support circular economy

Don’t spend the whole weekend trying to break records for the maximum amount of unnecessary stuff you can buy just because it’s BFCM.

Instead we invite you to join Ecotseco in our mission for conscious consumerism with the #BFCMchallenge.

Before someone starts barking at me that we need to be spending more to get the economy back up and running, I am not saying don’t buy at all.

All I say is don’t be a zombie. Say no to just one thing you want to buy if you wish. Pick a least favourite and scratch it off that shopping list.

Now that you have done that, get up to the attic or go to the garage and find something you forgot about. Get it out, dust it off, repair it, reuse it and enjoy it.

Enjoy the time fixing it.

Enjoy the time spend with your kids teaching them how to fix it.

Enjoy saving that extra cash.

Enjoy saving the landfills and oceans of that one piece of object you have just brought back to life.

Finally, please share this post and help us get more people involved. 

Tsvetan Kanev
Tsvetan Kanev


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