Mission Statement

At ecotseco we believe that in order to achieve a more sustainable future everyone needs to chip in and start making changes where possible. One of our favourite internet quotes is “It’s only one straw - said 7 billion people”, because it shows the power of the masses.

Ecotseco was created with a mission in mind to be a “cog” that will play a small part in the mechanism that is working towards a sustainable and greener future. Ecotseco’s mission is to help and change the consumers’ behaviour. May it be a contrary to any business logic, we believe that less is more. The products sold on this online store will have one main thing in common – they will be reusable alternatives to popular single multiple use plastic ones.

Today we live in a capitalist world and we are driven more by economical gains rather than ethical, ecological or any stoic values. Ecotseco’s second part of its mission is to spread awareness about the existence of sustainable alternative products as part of our goal to become a part of the Economy for the Common Good movement.

We strongly believe and hope that this is the economy of tomorrow.

In fact, the two “eco” in the name ecotseco stand for economy & ecology. We also like to spell our company name without a capital letter because we believe that both the economy and ecology part should be treated with equal respect. The “ts” in the middle of the name is coming from the name of the founder of ecotseco, Tsvetan (“ts” or “ц the Cyrillic alphabet).

As hard as it is for most people to pronounce ts we know that it will also be hard for them to change their consumer behaviour habits. However, we also believe that it is not impossible. All we need to realise is that each and every one of us can make a difference, no matter how small. “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”-George Eliot

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